Let's Make the Things That Should Be Easy for Progressive Campaigns and Non-Profits Easy.

LeftApps is a suite of simple, free tools for staffers of all backgrounds on campaigns of any level, focused entirely on making their work easier and letting them do things they couldn't do before. LeftApps is built by people with experience on the ground at both political campaigns and software companies, and who understand that what holds campaigns of all levels back isn't a lack of good ideas, but rather the time and resources it takes to get things done.

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Switchboard messaging is here!

Check out our exciting new offering for texting your donors and other supporters.
More 900 organizations sent more than half a billion texts on Switchboard in 2022.
  • Powerful automation tools for scheduled sends, welcome programs for new supporters, ROI-based sending logic, and more
  • Cut lists and personalize based on your ActBlue data right in the tool, or from lists in NGP/VAN
  • Track texting performance in real time, including individual level click data
  • Best-in-industry deliverability and support
  • All with no contracts or minimums
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Designed to be Easy

Everything we build is designed to be as easy as possible to try out and use with little to no ongoing work required. Our focus isn't on the latest trend or making blockbuster changes to your strategy that you'll debate for months, but rather on allowing you to solve problems and make real improvements right now.

An Active Community

We're listening to problems and trying to solve them every day, whether that's through building a web tool, crafting a fancy spreadsheet formula, or pointing you to a product that exists somewhere else. Apart from our own tools, we also share knowledge and expertise around other tools and platforms so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Completely Free and Only for the Left

Everything here is completely free for Democratic candidates and other progressive candidates and organizations. For-profit entities and Republican and conservative candidates are not eligible to use our services.

Featured Tools

Fundraising Reporting

Detailed, automated, near-real-time reporting for your ActBlue fundraising.


A link shortener with your own custom domain, for cleaner links and more control.

Democratic candidates for

Senate, House, Governor,

state legislature, PACs, and

progressive non-profits

all use LeftApps.