Fundraising Reporting: Detailed, automated, near-real-time reporting for your ActBlue fundraising

Understanding what's happening with your fundraising can be critical to, planning your budget, correcting problems, and doubling down on successes. But wrangling your data into a format that's easy to digest can be a challenge.

LeftApps utilizes ActBlue's webhook system to automatically process your donations as they arrive into a Google Sheets dashboard with the breakdowns that are most critical to understanding what's happening. Historical views, tracking unique donors, and custom queries also all update automatically, and we can help you customize your dashboard if you have additional needs. Like everything we do, we've optimized for making things easy: the initial dashboard setup just takes a few minutes.

See for yourself

You can see how our dashboard works out of the box (on a sample data set, of course) at

See and understand everything in one place, from launch day to 10 minutes ago

Once you request ActBlue reporting, we work with ActBlue to get your connection set up and fill in historical data back to the beginning of your campaign, with no action required by you. New data arrives in your dashboard around the clock roughly every 10 minutes.

A responsible approach to data and security

LeftApps was built by an alum of Pete for America’s Analytics team and several tech companies, and we take the security of your data and your supporters' information extremely seriously. The ActBlue webhook system is used by many campaigns nationwide (including several presidential primary campaigns) to facilitate analysis and donor engagement.

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