Event Invites: Improve event turnout by getting your information on supporters' calendars

When you set up a meeting with a work colleague, you might send them a calendar invite. Now they won't have to remember when or where you agreed to meet, and information about your meeting will show up right next to all the other events on their schedule. If they're like most people, they'll automatically get an email or other notification a little bit before your meeting to remind them.

LeftApps allows you to send invites to supporters who have expressed interest in your event and get on their calendar in exactly the same way.

Specify the Event Information and Recipients

Set a time, duration, location and other information you want to appear on the calendar invite, the message you want to send with the invite, and who should get the invite.

Just specify calendar invite information and send in minutes.

...and That's It

Emails with your event attachments are sent in minutes. For most folks, your event goes right on their calendar. If you need to send several similar invites, we make it easy to do so back-to-back without reentering information; but when you're done, we don't store the email addresses of your supporters or any other proprietary information.

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