Grassroots Fundraising: Custom donation links for your supporters with a personalized, automated engagement program

Your supporters are your most precious resource in all aspects of your campaign, including fundraising. When they share asks to donate with their friends and family, your donor base can really grow, but keeping them engaged can be hard with the limited time you have.

LeftApps' automated grassroots program keeps you in control of your program but removes the cumbersome pieces, by creating custom links for supporters to share, keeping track of their milestones as fundraisers, and automatically engaging with them when those milestones are reached.

Supporters Sign Up and Receive a Personalized Link to Share

Supporters sign up for your fundraising team and get a tracked link to an ActBlue Page you choose.

You Choose How and When Emails are Triggered

Use our templates or customize your copy. LeftApps' ActBlue donation tracking will detect when new donations come in with your supporters' refcodes. We make it easy to

A sample milestone email from the program management view

Personalized Emails Arrive Automatically

In addition to the custom triggers themselves, emails can be personalized with common merge fields such as name and how much their link has raised to date, as well as with a reminder of their link and a re-ask to share it.

A delivered custom milestone email

Other Featured Tools

Fundraising Reporting

Detailed, automated, near-real-time reporting for your ActBlue fundraising.

Spoke Peer-to-Peer SMS

A texting platform that's easy for staff and volunteers to use and the lowest cost P2P option, period.

Calendar Invites

Get your events on your supporters' calendars when they RSVP and get better turnout.


A link shortener with your own custom domain, for cleaner links and more control.