Spoke on LeftApps: Your cheapest P2P SMS option, period. Less than a penny a text with a simple, friendly experience for admins and volunteers.

Spoke is the open-source peer-to-peer SMS tool that's powered several presidential campaigns and many other progressive organizations. LeftApps puts Spoke within reach for campaigns without extensive engineering resources by taking care of the technical setup side, leaving you with an easy-to-use tool for staff and volunteers alike.

Full featured peer-to-peer SMS

Spoke has all the features critical to your program including

in a simple interface that allows for your team and volunteers to get texts out quickly and manage many conversations at once.

Create and edit campaigns from a clean, simple admin dashboard
Volunteers can text, tag and follow scripts with ease from the texting view

Spoke is maintained and improved on by MoveOn.org and a dedicated group of volunteers.
(LeftApps provides the server and database that allow you to use Spoke effortlessly, but we didn't create the tool.)

Learn more about the Spoke project (and see some demo videos) here

Simply your cheapest option for peer-to-peer

With Spoke hosted by LeftApps, you pay Twilio--the SMS service that is the foundation of essentially every peer-to-peer service--directly for the texts you send and receive. This means outrageously low prices:

Depnding on what you've been using, this could reduce your cost by as much as five to ten times per text.

LeftApps (of course) doesn't charge anything for hosting--you only pay what you pay Twilio.

See all of Twilio's pricing information here

Get started in minutes

We'll get you set up with your Spoke and Twilio accounts in about 15 minutes, and then you're ready to text!

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